I’m not doing all this to get rich… or Famous, But, If you would like to support my efforts… here’s how.

I’ve set up 3 “Tiers”…

1] Buckaroo Crew: $1 a month gets you a “shoutout” at the beginning of the next BitChute video and access to my “Music Reaction” videos where I Listen to “Current” music and give my thoughts from a former Radio Programmer perspective

2] Segment Producer: $5 a month gets your name/handle on the Closing Graphic of all BitChute Videos as long as you are subscribed [PLUS Access to the Music Reaction Videos]

3] Corporate Title Sponsorship: $100 a month gets you “Naming Rights” to the BitChute Videos … “Your Name Here” Presents [Plus access to the Music Reaction Videos]

Of Course as this grows I will add goodies…

Thank You in advance for even considering supporting and know that all support is appreciated and encourages me to to better 🙂