Wisconsin election managers referred 41 voter fraud cases to prosecutors over 5-year period

Washington Examiner by Benjamin Yount

The Wisconsin Elections Commission released a report this week detailing the 41 voter fraud cases that local clerks have turned over to local prosecutors in recent years.

“We want the public to understand that we take these matters seriously,” Elections Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe said.

The report covers fraud cases that date as far back as 2016.

“This report shows that, once again, we have voter fraud in Wisconsin,” Brett Healy, president at the MacIver Institute, told The Center Square. “While this one partial review found dozens if not hundreds of illegal votes, what should really concern every voter – Democrat, Republican, conservative or liberal – is that this has been going on for some time in Wisconsin.”

The report details more than just 41 instances of voter fraud. The count in the details of the report is closer to 300 cases, though not all of them were referred for charges.

The Elections Commission explains the cases cover all manner of fraud, from voting in-person and through the mail, to felons voting, and people voting in Wisconsin and other states.

Healy said the question is not how much voter fraud is occurring.

“No amount of voter fraud is acceptable,” Healy said. “We cannot and should not downplay voter fraud. Our politicians, the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC), local clerks and every District Attorney in this state should make voter fraud a priority.”

Wolfe announced that the Elections Commission will meet next week to talk about the report and the findings.

“Election officials and law enforcement across Wisconsin work together proactively to prevent, identify and prosecute suspected cases of voter fraud,” Wolfe said.

She did not say how many voter fraud cases have ended with convictions.

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