Republicans attempt to remove Tennessee judge from bench after she expanded mail-in voting amid pandemic

Washington Examiner by Andrew Mark Miller

Tennessee Republicans are attempting to remove a judge from the bench in response to her ruling that expanded absentee voting during the coronavirus pandemic.

A resolution with the support of nearly every Republican in the Tennessee House of Representatives has been creeping forward with the goal of removing Davidson County Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle from the bench, according to Associated Press.

House Speaker Cameron Sexton said the goal of the resolution seeks to “see if she was legislating from the bench, which we don’t think should be allowed.”

The resolution would create a panel consisting of House and Senate members who would determine whether the judge should be removed, which would then need a two-thirds approval vote in each chamber.

Sixty-five of the 73 House Republicans have signed on to the plan, while no co-sponsors have come forward in the Senate.

Republicans have grown incensed toward Lyle following a decision last year in which she ruled that all Tennessee voters should be permitted to vote by mail due to the coronavirus pandemic. That ruling was later overturned by the state Supreme Court.

On Tuesday, the resolution was shot down by the state’s House Civil Justice Subcommittee on a voice vote.

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