Biden will fail and voters will quickly realize that they screwed up

Somebody Had To Say It…

Washington Times By Daniel Gallington

This is not a “dire prediction” because we will recover from Joe Biden’s more generalized failure as a president, but it could be quite a painful process for us to get back on the political track we had become very comfortable with. 

The reason Mr. Biden will fail so soon is that many more millions than voted for him will realize — and quickly — that they made a mistake. In some ways, it will be a similar reaction than was to the election of Jimmy Carter in 1976, when many of his voters quickly realized they had screwed up.

So why/how did we elect the wrong person — both in 1976 and again in 2020? The exact reason for this was/is the focused public voter reaction on a single and very specific set of circumstances, rather than as an endorsement of a generalized political agenda.

Specifically, in 1976, it was the collective negative reaction to the Watergate scandal, the resignation of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford’s pardon of Nixon. The earlier resignation of Nixon’s Vice President Spiro Agnew — as part of a separate scandal — also contributed. Result? A single negative issue set and Mr. Carter was elected.

In 2020, we were — and still are — in the midst of a pandemic that has killed millions worldwide and hundreds of thousands of Americans. As such it was understandably the most central and single significant issue of the election and it alone primarily determined its outcome — ergo Mr. Biden.

Doubt this? Just answer this very specific question: Had there been no COVID-19 pandemic — none at all — who would have won our 2020 election? Answer: Donald Trump by a huge landslide, as he was the architect of the most significant short-term economic prosperity in our recent history.

And this reality was proven over and over in continued and improved employment and income statistics for all aspects and sectors of our economy — especially workers and more especially women, African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians and the other measurable demographic groups.

However, and despite Mr. Trump’s record economic prosperity, a majority of Americans “voted the pandemic,” which also elected Joe Biden. Do we doubt this? Had the Democrats been in office and the pandemic struck as it did last year, the result would also have been voting the Democrats out — and directly because of the pandemic, a single-issue election.

So, Mr. Biden would have most likely not been elected had there not been a pandemic. But there was/is a pandemic and Mr. Biden was elected as a consequence. However, the premise here is that he will also fail — and soon. 

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