Fauci has repeatedly lied because he thinks you’re stupid

That World Famous Elitist Attitude… It’s The Driving Force Behind All Our Problems

Washington Examiner by Tiana Lowe

Nearly a year into our 15 days to slow the spread, our political class still refuses to call out our supposed medical experts for repeatedly discrediting themselves with noble lie after noble lie. Finally, Sen. Marco Rubio has rightly called out Anthony Fauci for lying to the public because our ruling class believes us plebians to be too stupid to understand the actual science about the coronavirus.

In the year since the Chinese Communist Party unleashed the novel coronavirus across the globe, we’ve learned an abundance about the virus that could have informed far less onerous mitigation measures. If we had known as we do now that young children are not significant vectors spreading the virus, we would have never shut down the kindergartens and elementary schools. If we had known that the outdoors, especially in direct sunlight, are orders of magnitude safer than indoors, we would have never closed off beaches and hiking trails, and city centers would have almost certainly closed off streets to allow restaurants greater capacity for outdoor dining.

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