Trump Breaks Obama’s 2008 Popular Vote Record by Over 500K So Far

But The Guy Who Hid In His Basement The Whole Campaign Did Better? sus…


President Donald Trump has received more popular votes than any of his predecessors, with over 70 million and counting as of Friday afternoon, breaking the previous record set by Barack Obama in 2008 by over 500,000.

However, unofficial election results also show Democrat candidate Joe Biden leads the incumbent with more popular votes than any U.S. president in history, shattering his old boss Obama’s 2008 record (69,498,516) by nearly 4.5 million ballots and counting.

Breitbart News gleaned the unofficial Biden (73,982,123) and Trump (70,036,848) tallies as of 7:00 p.m. Friday from the Associated Press (AP) and Obama’s 2008 official count from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

With the count still ongoing, Trump, as of Friday afternoon, had gotten over 500,000 more votes than former President Obama in 2008.

Pollster Nate Silver from FiveThirtyEight predicted that Trump would surpass Obama’s 2008 popular vote total by more than five million, adding that former Vice President Biden would break the record by a more significant margin.

“It probably works out to Biden getting 52-ish percent of the popular vote on a turnout of 155 million-ish votes, which would be around 80 million,” He wrote on Twitter. “Trump might get say 73-75 million.”

Read More at Breitbart

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