Garbage bags of mail found on side of road included unopened ballots

The Voting Scam Is Falling Apart… The Narrative Continues To Unravel

KOMO by KOMO News Staff

Sammamish Police are investigating potential mail theft after two garbage bags of mail, which included ballots, were found on the side of the road and several unopened ballots were found in incorrect mail boxes.

The City of Sammamish says USPS delivered about 90% of ballots to Sammamish residents on Thursday. Mail carriers were out delivering Amazon packages early Friday morning when they found two garbage bags of mail on the side of the road. There were several unopened ballots inside the bags of mail.

The City of Sammamish says Sammamish Police were also notified by the postmaster of reports of numerous ballots being stolen and placed in other mailboxes.

Sammamish Police say they will attempt to deliver the recovered ballots to residents. Those ballots that are not delivered will be returned to the post office and will get delivered to the residents’ mailbox.

A secure, bolted down, ballot drop box for turning in completed ballots is located in front of Sammamish City Hall.

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