Senator Rand Paul Confronts Dr. Fauci on His Lockdowns and Praise of New York with the Highest Death Rates in the World

My Senator Holding Fauci’s Feet To The Fire… Metaphorically, of course

Gateway Pundit By Joe Hoft

Senator Rand Paul, who is also a doctor, confronted Dr. Fauci today in a Senate hearing and asked if he now has any regrets for his insane directives during the China coronavirus pandemic.
Dr. Fauci recommended that President Trump shut down the US economy in March and April this year. These disastrous actions led to more severe actions by insane politicians around the US. Many liberal states are still shut down.

Today Senator Rand Paul confronted Dr. Fauci who clearly is not used to being called out his own incompetence. 

Senator Paul asked Dr. Fauci if he had any regrets for his recommendations and actions during the China coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Fauci responded basically that he did not:

Yes, in the beginning we’ve done things based on the knowledge we had at the time.  And hopefully, and I am, and my colleagues are humble enough and modest enough to realize that as new data comes you make different recommendations but I don’t regret saying that the only way we could have stopped the explosion of infection was by potentially, I want to say shutting down. I mean essentially having the physical separation and the kinds of recommendations that we made.

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