DOJ Adds US National Security Attorney to General Michael Flynn’s Case

I Guess You Could Say Things Are Getting Pretty Serious…

Gateway Pundit By Joe Hoft

The Flynn case is at the heart of Obama’s attempt to set up and destroy President Trump and have him removed from office. Flynn had to be stopped because he knew where the most alarming criminal acts of the Obama Administration likely occurred. Sidney Powell stated that Obama went after Flynn because he was going to audit Obama’s Intel Agencies where billions of off-balance sheet transactions were hidden and covered up.

The corrupt case devised by corrupt agents working with corrupt prosecutors was reviewed by DC outsiders and based on this review, the DOJ decided to end the case. So corrupt DC judge Emmet Sullivan and the corrupt DC court brought in corrupt and outspoken Judge John Gleeson. Now no one really knows what the hell is going to happen.

The latest is that the next hearing in the case will be held in September:

Of course, Judge Sullivan chose the last day possible to hold the hearing:

Now in the latest twist in the case, US National Security attorney Ken Kohl was just assigned to the case in representing the government:

Some believe that Kohl has been assigned to protect the government’s actions in the case and any sealed information in the case from falling in the hands of the corrupt judges in the case.

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