New Woodward Book Reveals Former DNI Dan Coats was Conspiring Against Trump

Drip, Drip Drip… The Drips Are Coming Faster… and Faster…

Gateway Pundit By Jim Hoft

The big headline in the liberal mainstream media was that according to author and Washington Post columnist Bob Woodward President Trump sought to downplay the threat of the coronavirus to Americans earlier this year, but President Trump told author Bob Woodward that he knew the virus was serious and deadly. This is the “big hit”on Trump? It did not last long before everyone realized this was complete nonsense and it was Democrats who denied the threat of the virus weeks after President Trump took action to counter its spread to the US.

Later on Wednesday other segments from the book were released.

Woodward revealed the generals who Trump trusted and Dan Coats were plotting a coup against President Trump.

Read More at Gateway Pundit

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