Antifa-linked Portland shooter appeared to target victim

Anybody who has ever hunted… knows this was someone stalking prey

New York Post By Eileen AJ Connelly

The self-described antifa member who shot a Trump supporter in Portland last Saturday appears to have targeted his victim, new images show.

The pictures, from a surveillance video released by Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt, show Michael Forest Reinoehl ducking into the alcove of a parking garage, then emerging to follow two counterprotesters who had just walked by, while reaching for his waistband.

A short time later, two gunshots were fired, one that hit the victim’s bear spray can and the other that proved fatal, The Oregonian reported. The footage, pieced together with photos from other surveillance cameras and witness videos, includes a scene where Reinoehl is seen with his right arm extended as a cloud of bear spray erupts near the victim, Aaron “Jay” Danielson.

Police found a single Winchester .380-caliber bullet casing on the street, a metal canister of bear spray that was hit with a bullet and a collapsible metal baton near Danielson’s body, according to documents from the DA’s office made public Friday. Danielson had been spraying the bear mace in the moments before he was shot, witnesses told cops, according to the Daily Mail.

Danielson, 39, was pronounced dead at 8:55 p.m. last Saturday on Southwest Third Avenue, about 10 minutes after the shooting was reported. He died from a single bullet to the upper right chest, an autopsy found. The bullet was found lodged in his back. A friend who was with him claimed they were “hunted down” and that the shooting was a “planned execution.”

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