Bill Gates Invests $250 Million into Media

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Gateway Pundit By Jim Hoft

Many of us were not aware of Bill Gates and his plans for the global community before the coronavirus pandemic.

But Gates has made headlines in the past several months and his vaccine agenda for the human race has been exposed.

Bill Gates made headlines when he told CBS News in July that “multiple doses may be necessary” to protect Americans from the coronavirus — A disease that has a lower mortality rate in children than the seasonal flu.

In August Bill Gates said, “Normalcy only returns when we largely vaccinate the entire population.”

Bill Gates also praised China over their “handling of the coronavirus” and later trashed the US and our response to the coronavirus.

Gates is getting hammered by online media outlets as he further exposes his shockingly radical agenda for the US and the world.
In a May survey only 55% of Americans said they would get vaccinated “if and when a coronavirus vaccine becomes available.”

That was before Gates started spouting off on his diabolical plans for the human race.
Surely that number has decreased since that time.

The more people hear from Bill Gates the creepier he gets.

So it makes sense that Gates has invested in the media.
Columbia Journalism Review recently reported on Bill Gates’s influence over the media.

Gates through his foundation has donated over $250 million to journalism and media outlets.

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