Joe Scarborough Blasts Portland Mayor And Oregon Governor, Urges Them To Call In National Guard

Wait, WUT?!?! Who? But… Did I read That Right?… Yep… He Said It…. Feels Like A Trap

Daily Wire By  Jon Brown

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough concluded Sunday morning that conditions in Portland have become unacceptable and that city and state leaders should call in the National Guard.

“Portland’s mayor and Oregon’s governor have been deplorable in the ongoing crisis gripping the city. The chaos continues nightly. If they can’t control their streets and keep their citizens safe from agitators and anarchists, then call in the National Guard. This has to stop now,” Scarborough wrote on Twitter.

The tweet was met with pushback from some of his followers, who accused him of deflecting blame for the chaos in Portland from President Donald Trump and his supporters. To which he responded, “I’ve been condemning the chaos in Portland for some time now. I’m still worried about the safety of citizens and the destruction of family businesses and property. And yes. I’m also deeply offended that rioters think they can set fire to federal buildings. I’m sure you are, too.

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