Wisconsin Support For Black Lives Matter Has Gone From +25 to Net Approval of Zero in Two Months

P1s & P2s… The Year of the Boomerang… Their Plan is Backfiring

Gateway Pundit By Cristina Laila

It turns out most Americans don’t support rioting, looting, mayhem and murder.

It turns out the people of Wisconsin are fed up with the Marxist Black Lives Matter mob destroying businesses and calling for the death of police.

Public support for Black Lives Matter in Wisconsin has gone from +25 to a net approval of 0 within two months.

The poll was taken prior to the Jacob Blake shooting and Kenosha riots.

This is bad news for the Democrat party.

In June of this year, 61% approved vs 36% disapproved of Black Lives Matter protests, a net approval of +25.

By early August, 48% approved vs 48% disapproved, a net approval of 0.

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