Portland Police Charge Antifa Terrorist Street Blockade, Bust Through Line and Arrest Dozens of Street Thugs

Seems to Me… The Word has gotten out that these “Protests” are actually hurting “The Cause”….

Gateway Pundit By Jim Hoft

Anyone who is watching the live video feeds of the leftist riots in Portland, Seattle, Kenosha and elsewhere know these young hoodlums are highly organized Marxist revolutionaries.

Future Democrats are rioting, looting and beating heads in cities across America.

Democrats will not condemn the violence as the thugs loots and pillage cities from coast to coast.

On Tuesday night the Portland Antifa-BLM mob was back on the streets causing destruction and chaos once again.

This time the police warned the rioters to disperse but they refused to listen.

So the police charged the young hoodlums, busted through their defense line and took them down for mass arrests.

Read More at Gateway Pundit

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