Donald Trump Surprises Delegates at RNC Convention

The Consummate Showman Putting on a Real Show… Live and In Effect


President Donald Trump made a surprise in-person appearance at the Republican National Convention on Monday in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Trump took the stage in Charlotte after Republican state delegates nominated the president for re-election.

As the delegates cheered and chanted “Four more years!” Trump joked, “If you want to really drive them crazy you say: Twelve more years.”

Trump said he was determined to appear at the convention after the roll call was completed.

“What’s more important than the roll call?” Trump asked. “You’re the ones calling it.”

Trump criticized CNN and other networks for failing to air the convention roll call, choosing instead to focus on a “sham” Democrat hearing on the postal service. He criticized Fox News for running talking heads speaking over the delegates.

“I want to hear what they’re saying, the delegates,” he said. “I want to hear what they’re saying, so I think we had to switch over to C-SPAN…”

The president thanked Republican delegates for gathering in North Carolina despite their governor being in a “total shutdown mood.”

He mocked Democrats for abandoning their convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and said he was determined to keep the Charlotte, NC, convention site open and even make an appearance.

“We did this out of respect for your state,” he said. “We didn’t do this for any other reason than respect for the state of North Carolina.”

Read More at Breitbart

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