On war and criminal justice reform, Trump is better than Biden and Harris

Those with (Classical) liberal or libertarian views on war and justice should prefer Trump over this ticket. He signed the First Step Act and hasn’t started a war.

USA Today by Rand Paul

As a libertarian Republican, there are often times I agree with those on the other side of the aisle. Among those issues are war and criminal justice reform. Many if not all of my efforts in these areas have been rooted in my commitment to lead as many of my fellow Republicans as possible to what I believe is the position of principle and constitutional government.

Unfortunately, and too often in the past, these are the exact areas where the new Democratic ticket has fallen very short. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, much like Hillary Clinton, have poor records on foreign policy and criminal justice.

In 2002, Joe Biden was the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. As such, he could and should have been the check and balance against a misguided attempt by the Bush administration to go to war with Iraq.

Instead, as usual, Joe Biden chose the wrong, more hawkish path. Twenty-one of his Democratic colleagues, including my friends Ron Wyden and Pat Leahy, took the principled stand to oppose this war.

Check Trump record on intervention

Do you know who else opposed this war? Donald Trump.By 2004 he was a full-blown opponent, and he ran for president loudly proclaiming that it was a geopolitical mistake that led to 15 years of increasingly bad policy in the Middle East.

When a candidate for office comes to me to ask for my endorsement in their campaign, this is the first question I ask: “Do you believe the Iraq War was a mistake?”

Joe Biden, who defended his vote to authorize the war for years, fails that test. 

Biden is a reliable interventionist. He supported war in Libya, Syria and Serbia. He pushed for NATO expansion and for more foreign aid to countries who hate America, like Pakistan.

Donald Trump’s policy is to stop the endless wars Joe Biden spent his career starting.

The choice is very stark and very clear.

Read More at USA Today

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