Google Passes Data on ‘Far Right’ Users to Counterterrorism Agency

… because it’s the “Far Right” that is Rioting, Looting and Burning down buidings </sarcasm>


Google frequently passes the personal data of “far-right” users to American counterterrorism authorities, according to leaked documents reported in the Guardian. 

According to the leak, Google passed the data to the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center, one of many local intelligence agencies set up after September 11 to strengthen local counterterrorism efforts.
Via the Guardian:

The Google documents retained by NCRIC highlight the activities of individual users, providing detailed subscriber information, which often includes real names, street addresses, credit card numbers, Gmail and recovery email addresses, YouTube channel addresses and the time and IP addresses of recent logins.

Google also reported three videos by a third user – who is identified by name, address, phone number, email address, IP address and alternate account – all of which remain on YouTube.

The reports contain detailed descriptions of the three videos, including “At around 1:10, the words ‘Muskets would be glowing RED” appear on the screen. Assault weapons are visible in the background. At 3:28, subject asks: “Where is your line in the sand? When is enough, enough?’”, and “Video is titled ‘A Toast to the Few & the BooGaLoo.’”

There is no indication from the leaks that Google has been similarly proactive in monitoring the activities of the extremist left, who have been responsible for the vast bulk of violent civil unrest and domestic terrorism that erupted around the country over the past few months.

However, some left-wing activists expressed concern to the Guardian about Google working with law enforcement at all, even to target the far right.

Read More at Breitbart

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