Roger Stone on Why He Decided to Drop His Appeal of the Unjust Conviction in the Mueller Witch Hunt

I would think, for someone like him, it would be a “Badge of Honor”…

Gateway Pundit By Joe Hoft

Guest post by Roger Stone:

On the strong advice of my attorneys and after giving the decision considerable thought, I have reluctantly decided to dismiss the appeal of what I believe to be a wrongful conviction in a trial tainted by judicial bias, egregious and blatant juror bias and misconduct and prosecutorial misconduct. Therefore, I directed my attorneys to withdraw my appeal from the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

I Could Never Get a Fair Hearing Before this Court of Appeals, Given its Political Agenda

First, I have come to the firm conclusion based on their previous actions in my case to date and based on their recent actions in the Flynn case, that it would be impossible for me to ever get a fair hearing from this appellate court for the vitally important, fundamental constitutional issues my case raises.

Although I believe the gag order issued in my case was patently unconstitutional and the free speech issues filed in a Writ of Mandamus with the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, by one of the most prominent First Amendment lawyers in the country were fairly straightforward, the Court waited many weeks before granting the Government’s request for more time. During this time, while the Washington Post (the dominant newspaper in the jurisdiction from which the jury was selected) as well as CNN, MSNBC and others attacked me with falsehoods, I was prohibited from responding. Let there be no doubt the jury pool was seriously tainted and I sustained serious damage. The Appeals Court after an unreasonable delay, took no action but rather sent the decision back to Judge Berman Jackson, as if there was any possibility that she would vacate her own order.

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