‘It’s not about your rights’: Biden calls for three-month, nationwide mask mandate

If they say it’s not about your rights… Then it’s about your rights….

Washington Examiner by Naomi Lim

Joe Biden dismissed complaints that blanket mask orders infringed individual rights amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Let’s institute a mask mandate nationwide, starting immediately, and we will save lives,” Biden told reporters in Delaware Thursday.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee called on every governor to introduce mandatory mask mandates whenever residents were outside their homes “for the next three months at a minimum.” The two-term vice president and 36-year Delaware senator said experts predict doing so could prevent 40,000 people from dying from the coronavirus.

Biden described mask-wearing as a patriotic, civic duty, given its role in stopping the spread of the respiratory illness, echoing President Trump’s recent rhetoric.

“It’s not about your rights. It’s about your responsibilities as an American,” Biden said.

Biden was joined at the event by California Sen. Kamala Harris, who touted her running mate’s leadership during the outbreak. She also slammed Trump for his plans to roll out a vaccine.

“Ask the current occupant of the White House, when am I going to get vaccinated? When am I actually going to get vaccinated? Because there may be some grand gestures offered by the current president about a vaccine, but it really doesn’t matter until you can answer the question,” the Democratic vice presidential pick said.

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