Chicago Looters Target Ronald McDonald House with the Families of Young Sick Children Inside

This is NOT how you Win “Hearts and Minds”… it’s the exact opposite…

Gateway Pundit By Joe Hoft

Simply outrageous – criminal rioters, BLM and domestic terrorists around the nation are destroying major cities led by inept and corrupt Democrat leaders. 
When the Chicago rioters and looters attacked a Ronald McDonald House, where the families of sick children are staying, they reached a new low.

On Monday morning, rioters in Chicago destroyed large sections of the city for several hours.  Looters ran riot and no place was safe, not even the Ronald McDonald House.

A local TV station reported on the riots and destruction:

The Ronald McDonald House mission is to “to create, find, and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children and their families”.  The fact that these criminals would attack this place is just plain appalling.

Like the woman in the video said, these people staying at the Ronald McDonald House have enough stress in their lives, they don’t need these criminals threatening their safety as well.

Read more at Gateway Pundit

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