‘The Younger You Look, The Better It Is’: Alleged Epstein Victims Detail Abuse, Maxwell Role

Daily Wire By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Eight alleged victims of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein spoke out about their encounters with the disgraced financier and his 2alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell during a four-hour documentary that started airing Sunday night.

During the Lifetime doc, titled “Surviving Jeffrey Epstein,” the victims described Maxwell as charming and manipulative. One alleged victim recalled Maxwell showing her how to give Epstein a massage, which she said quickly turned into the pair sexually abusing her.

“The younger you look, the better it is,” the victim said, recalling the pair gleefully laughing at her “little girl undies” that had “little hearts on them.”

Alleged victim Virginia Giuffre described her first impression of Maxwell as “this really bright, Mary Poppins kind of a figure,” according to Yahoo! Entertainment.

During her first encounter with both Maxwell and Epstein, Giuffre was instructed to massage Epstein by the alleged madam.

“The massage seemed legitimate at first,” she explained. “Ghislaine grabbed one foot, I grabbed the other, and she says, ‘You always wanna keep one hand on the body when you’re massaging somebody.’”

“And then he turns over and the entire thing changed,” Giuffre said.

“They said, ‘Take off your clothes.’ I had these little girl undies on, like, little hearts on them, I remember, and they were laughing at that because they liked that. The younger you look, the better it is.”

“So I stripped down. Ghislaine stripped down. It turned very sexual. It was abuse right away from both of them,” she added.

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