Massive Looting Underway in Downtown Chicago and Magnificent Mile As Riots Continue Across the Nation

Chi-raq is upset that Portland and Seattle are getting all the attention….

Gateway Pundit By Cassandra Fairbanks

Black Lives Matter engaged in massive widespread looting in Chicago on Sunday evening, once again.

A caravan of vehicles was carrying dozens of looters from store to store, according to reports.

Facebook pulled down livestreams of the looting after shots were heard being fired near a Louis Vuitton store that was being raided.

A Facebook user with the name Aero Finesses was enthusiastically livestreaming and encouraging the destruction while celebrating the amount of live viewers on his stream. Another Facebook user livestreamed himself looting Nike while broadcasting his own face and faces of other looters.

Along with the vandalism and looting, cars were also being lit on fire.

Watch Videos at Gateway Pundit

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