Kim Foxx, former Jussie Smollett prosecutor, drops felony cases at alarming rate

It’s like she doesn’t understand what the word “Prosecutor” means…

New York Post By Lia Eustachewich

Kim Foxx, the Chicago prosecutor criticized over her handling of the Jussie Smollett case, is tossing felony cases at a higher rate than her predecessor, according to a new report.

Data analyzed by the Chicago Tribune shows that Foxx’s office dropped all charges in 29.9 percent of felony cases in her first three years as Cook County state’s attorney, compared to 19.4 percent for former prosecutor Anita Alvarez’s last three years in office.

A total of 25,183 defendants whose felony cases were prosecuted under Foxx saw their charges tossed through November 2019. That number is up from 18,694 over a similar period under Alvarez, the Tribune noted.

The tossed cases involved some of the most serious charges — murder, sex crimes, drug offenses and attacks on police officers.

The analysis also found that Foxx’s conviction rate over her first three years — 66 percent — paled in comparison to Alvarez’s last three years, which was 75 percent.

But Foxx defended her office’s work as dismissing cases against low-level, nonviolent offenders, allowing prosecutors to focus on violent crimes.

“It is always eye-opening to be able to look at our own data and compare it to my predecessor’s past,” she told the Tribune.

“I can’t reconcile what her decision-making was, and how they chose to (dismiss) cases in the past. But I will say that this administration has been clear that our focus would be on violent crime and making sure that our resources and attention would go to addressing violent crime.”

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