NBC Admits New York’s Mail-In Ballot System Is a ‘Fiasco’

It’s got to be REALLY Bad … to the point where they can’t ignore it, for them to admit it’s bad

Newsbusters by Nicholas Fondacaro

In an all but tacit admission that President Trump’s concerns about mail-in voting had some merit, Tuesday’s NBC Nightly News featured a nearly three-minute-long segment discussing how the absentee ballot system in New York was a disaster. And with no winner declared in a Democratic congressional primary after six weeks, senior investigative and legal correspondent Cynthia McFadden warned that the results for the presidential election could take “at least a week” and a SCOTUS ruling.

From the very top of the video portion of the segment, McFadden was critical of New York. “Tonight, six weeks after the New York Democratic primary, congressional candidate Raj Patel doesn’t know if he won or lost. Because election officials have yet to announce a winner,” she told viewers.

She added: “The reason? Ten times more New Yorkers, a whopping 1.8 million, requested absentee ballots than did four years ago. Experts tell NBC News New York election officials were woefully unprepared.”

Read More at Newsbusters

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