Oregon’s Youngest Coronavirus Victim Tested Negative for the Virus

Gateway Pundit By Jim Hoft

There is more than enough evidence today for the American pulic to demand an audit on the legitimacy of the coronavirus numbers.
There have been hundreds if not thousands of reports of fraudulent cases.

And for some strange reason the CDC demanded America’s doctors count even suspect cases in their coronavirus counts.

The medical community is perpetrating a fraud on the American public.

In Oregon this week the youngest coronavirus victim in the state tested NEGATIVE for the virus.

KATU reported:

A 26-year-old Yamhill County man has died and health officials say he is the youngest person to die from COVID-19 in Oregon.

KATU News spoke to his family who say he was healthy just days before he died.

Earlier this week, health officials reported several coronavirus-related deaths. The youngest was Matthew Irvin, a father of three kids. His mother, Kim Irvin, says he was an active person.

Kim says Matthew started to experience symptoms four days before his death.

“I thought maybe it was just the flu, but he did seem pretty sick, but not that I thought it was going to take his life,” Kim said.

Matthew was tested for COVID-19, but she says the results came back negative.

Health officials said COVID-19 is listed as the cause of death or a significant contribution to his death.

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